App prototyping

Start UP ! Start FAST ! Start CHEAP !

Start-up starts with a journey of 'playing' with your ideas and concepts to earn valuable feedback that shapes the final designs before you begin development.

A PROTOTYPE gives your idea the opportutnity to be tested by users. If the users like it you can start calling for investment and spend lots of resources on creating the actual product. If they don't, you will feel good because of not spending too much in developing something that doesn't work. The best thing is you will earn lots of feedback to keep evolving your ideas ! PROTOTYPING right makes your startup fast, responsive and less costly.

Require no technical understanding

You don't need to be a 20 y.o. hoodie-wearing college coder like Mark Zuckerberg to join the bandwagon. SiGen helps people without technical background realize their big dreams ! The only limit is your imagination !

Like it ? Clone it ! Make it better !

Innovation doesn't need to be entirely new. If you like an app and belive you can make something better, let us know. We can make a similar but better app with your own twists !

Launch assistance

If you're a marketing expert, great ! If you're not, we will teach you how to do an online marketing campaign (free of charge). And also discount for using our multimedia marketing products




Our team will help you translate your vision into technical ideas, free of charge !


We present you a mock up of how your app looks and feels like in the endto further our discussion.


We will design and code the product on your agreed mockup and regularly report you on our progress.


The product will be thoroughly tested before delivered to you. We will also help you improve it as you gain feedback from users.
Your  first app is only one email away from you idea ! Drop us an email to get free consultation NOW !
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