Mosquito-free Odorless Catch Basin
A simple and cost-effective solution to eliminate breeding environment of mosquitoes in existing urban catch basin, therefore, prevent mosquito borne diseases such as dengue and zika.
Sáng tạo Việt Hố ga ngăn mùi không muỗi

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Prevent solid waste from jamming drain and causing smell. Besides, reduce the need for solid waste treatment.
Catch basin is always dried, eliminating breeding environment of mosquito and other pests carrying disease.
Suitable to all urban sewage system in Vietnam. Can be applied worldwide, especially mosquito borne diseases are wide-spreading. 
Existing problem

The tropical climate of Vietnam is a favorable condition for infestation of many kinds of pests including mosquitoes carrying dengue and malaria. The popular water-utilizing catch basin of wastewater collection system employs the principle of communicating vessels to prevent odor from sewers, therefore leaving water stagnant. Over time, the water turns mud releasing bad odor or becomes the breeding ground for mosquitoes. 

Muỗi sinh trưởng từ các hồ ga sử dụng nguyên lý bình thông nhau hiện nay
Muỗi sinh trưởng từ các hồ ga sử dụng nguyên lý bình thông nhau hiện nay

Illustration: existing odor preventing catch basins


31,848 cases

20 deaths

94,743 cases

58 deaths

110,876 cases

36 deaths

125,000 cases

29 deaths

Dengue fever in Vietnam




Review from the community 


  • Consolation Prize, Ba Ria - Vung Tau Innovative Technology Competition (2008-2009)
  • 3rd Prize, Ba Ria - Vung Tau Innovative Technology Competition  (2014-2015)
  • Consolation Prize, 13 th National Innovative Technology Competition (2014-2015)
  • Creative labour award, Executive Board of Vietnam General Confederation of Labour
  • Utility Solution Patent 797: catch basin of sewage system
  • Patent 1719: catch basin of sewage system
  • Patent 17452: odor prevention mechanism of sewage system
  • VTV - Vietnam Innovation, Dec 2017 
  • Consolation prize, Ba Ria-Vung Tau Innovative Start-up Competition 
The solution has low cost, easy installation but creates surprisingly great results especially in preventing odour and eliminating breeding environment of mosquitoes and other pets which was not addresses by existing solutions.
In the past, as rainfall was not drained quickly, bad smell was released. I had to cover catch basin mouth with rubber plate. After the odourless mosquito-free catch basin was installed in front of my house, rainfall is drained quickly leaving no smell. My family and the neighbours highly appreciate this solution.
The solution has a sound technology, simple construction and lower cost compared to other solutions having similar scale and purpose ... very suitable for building anew and upgrading existing catch basins to overcome their polluting shortcomings.